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AFTA-1 -                               THE B_4 TAPES


"Listening to these beats, you can hear that AFTA-1 was way ahead of his time, with many Los Angeles beat producers following in his footsteps. It’s hard to believe that these tracks are really 11+ years old, as they still sound incredibly fresh today. Highly recommended."

- Bringing Down The Band

1) B_4

2) Due Time

3) A Poet's Dream

4) Got The Soul

5) Of True North

6) That Moment

7) Magnetic

8) That Feeling

9) Stripes

10) Still

11) Searching

12) Afro Combs

13) Synthesizing

14) Arriving To

15) A Song For A

16) Tip Toe Through

17) Smoke

18) Most Likely

19) Cloud Formations

20) Breathe Thrice

21) Mysterious Vibes

released March 3, 2017

Produced by: AFTA-1

Cover Art : Santana Westbrook

AThe B_4 Tape is a compilation of previously unreleased instrumentals created between 2004 and 2006. Some of which became songs that were and were not heard. Previously considered lost from my possession, the 21 tracks in this collection are presented thanks to the contribution of Santana Westbrook of Truthseekers Radio whom is responsible for rediscovering a folder containing these and many other master audio files and session files.